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We work 36 hours on, 18 off which is 90 hours a week, for that we are paid $23,739 before taxes. And we also have to make the coffee? My heart is breaking.

ER — September 19, 1994

like i’m legit kind of sad to be leaving my roommates, they’re so wonderful. i haven’t lived with people i actually liked since my brother, it figures that would finally happen when i’m only subletting.

E.R. Pilot: Aired September 19th 1994.

We work as a team. We cover for each other. We lean on each other. The job is too big to do solo. And if you can’t get that, maybe you should be a surgeon or a superhero, or something else that doesn’t require trusting people.

No reward is worth this.

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all i want is to be cranquis when i grow up.

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Sandra Cisneros, “One Last Poem for Richard”


Sandra Cisneros, “One Last Poem for Richard”

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/Phone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.

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  1. again and again - john meyer
  2. fett’s vette - mc chris
  3. call and answer - barenaked ladies
  4. walkin’ after midnight - patsy cline
  5. tugo, nesrećo - crvena jabuka
  6. take this waltz - leonard cohen
  7. ed is dead - pixies
  8. ne želiš kraj - divlje jagode
  9. the power of goodbye - madonna
  10. politik - coldplay

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in hindsight, i cannot believe my parents let me sing this in the school talent show back in the day, i was probably 8? but it was SO POPULAR and tbh parents these days let their kids listen to worse. fun fact: i’m 99% positive it must have been awful. i’ve been performing for forever and i get by, but i’m definitely no mariah.

I never wanted any of this. I never wanted to be in the games.

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before homecoming, i think this was sophomore year? pretty sure i still have the dress, thankfully do not have a guy to go with it. ew. #tbt

before homecoming, i think this was sophomore year? pretty sure i still have the dress, thankfully do not have a guy to go with it. ew. #tbt


got to spend an hour on the phone with my insurance company, followed by the most fucktastic conversation i have ever had with a healthcare professional. possibly. aside from the one time this ER doctor didn’t even look at my mom’s severe drug allergies and wanted to prescribe her exactly what she’s allergic to, EVEN THOUGH THEY FLAG THEM AT TRIAGE. but i digress.

this fucking pharmacist ughhhh. like, buddy, first of all you are literally drunk. i could smell you from across the damn counter. second, don’t tell me some shit about how you can’t combine meds that you can, in fact, combine which i’m about 1000% sure of because i’ve been taking them for forever, they’re often (if not usually) prescribed together, and also you could literally cross-check this online in two seconds, you don’t even need to open up a drug handbook anymore. third, are you seriously going to argue that you can’t take 150 mgs of bupropion twice a day? because wow how are you even in this business and also the manufacturer’s label straight up tells you that it’s twice daily. the fucking manufacturer. good god, sir. get your ass to a meeting or quit your job.